Sunday, March 2, 2014

C4ward March Blogathon: The Big WHY

Image of painting Grateful, Acrylic on paper, by Karen Phillips
Grateful, Acrylic on paper, by Karen Phillips

Welcome to my blog! This is the first entry for the C4ward March Blogathon. We have been asked about the big "Why" behind the creative work that we do. My initial response was "I just have to." If I don't create, I get cranky and restless. Art is an integral part of my being.

After thinking about this question of Why for a bit longer, I wrote this poem to describe my process and how I move through this world.

Dancing with the big WHY 
I hold you close and whisper in your ear
Together we travel through this existence on the road to discover what is
Beloved we open our arms wide welcoming all
Let us witness together that breath of life that flows through our veins and just
I am grateful to be able to create art and to share it. What are you passionate about? and Why? 


  1. Karen, this is a beautiful poem. I love that your Beloved Is whispering in your ear, and so understand the cranky and restless.

    1. Thank you Lee. I love your vision collaging.

  2. "I just have to." ...perfect...was ask once by a nob artist friend "why" and I had the same response...I just have is deep with in my being so I just have to...Lovely poem and acrylic painting...