Wednesday, March 5, 2014

C4ward March Blogathon Day 5: Dynamics & Ecstasy in the Studio

Oh what a joy it is to be in front of my easel or sit at my work table with a brush full of paint in hand, or a pencil, crayon, charcoal or whatever suits my fancy in that moment. And there is music too! All sorts from jazz to world, from soul to rock, yes! It's playing and I'm dancing my images into being. Oh what fun!

As my brush, pen, mark-maker dances across the page, canvas, board, time disappears, hunger fades, doubts drop away and there I am doing the work I was meant to do.

Ideas and dreams posted in my studio
I am always looking to improve my skills, so I read books, attend workshops and experiment with new shapes and textures. The goals I have set for myself this year include bringing more value changes into my work and allowing the ideas to breathe in the space they inhabit.

Tools and doodads
I love my light-filled studio the only thing I would change would be...more space!

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  1. i love the image you poast at the top!!! you know - I need a good workshop - going through workshop withdraway!