Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dancing Jennies just completed

Dancing Jennie's by Karen Phillips, acrylic and mixed media painting
Dancing Jennies by Karen Phillips, 2014
I started with a plan...I was going to do an abstract painting of some rock formations I saw  on a trip to the Hoover Dam. I had it all sketched out. I created a textured surface using gesso and a couple of pastes. Then using inks and acrylic paint, I created additional textures with all kinds of things including bubble wrap. Once that dried, my plan went out the window.

The way that layer of texture interacted with the bottom layer demanded I do something different. So I grabbed a little of this and a little of that and danced this painting into being. What a great time I had playing with color and building lots of layers.

I've named it "Dancing Jennies" and it is now at Kudzu Art Zone, in Norcross, Georgia, as a part of their 12x12 fundraiser. Starting bid is $60!


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