Friday, October 4, 2013

Circle series inspiration

Sometimes, it's just a matter of asking "what if?" I've been working on paintings with circles for a while now and I wanted to give myself a break. So I started playing with gouache on paper, looking for new forms to explore. In a flash the "what if?" question pops up. What if I tried the circles with gouache?
Exploration of Circles in gouache by Karen Phillips
This leads me to ask, "What if I tried this on canvas with some texture?" I must see what happens.
Circle Series, 12"x12"
Acrylic on canvas
by Karen Phillips
Oh! I just love what happens when I listen to that little whisper of inspiration. How do you find inspiration?


  1. I love what your little whisper told you and that you listened. I have never painted with gouache. How does it differ from regular acrylic? I have used water color with that similar? I want to learn more about this...

  2. Darlene, gouache is really like opaque watercolor. It lifts easily, making layering a challenge (especially for me as I work in acrylics). A friend of mine gave me a great tip: spray it with workable fixative and then you can seal it with a spray varnish. It darkens the painting a bit, but I found it acceptable on some small paintings on paper I've done.

  3. I LOVE the texture! Yeah for your inner voice speaking so clearly to you - beautiful!